Blogging my experience as Outreachy participant

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Welcome to my Outreachy blog!

My name is Slavica and I’m Outreachy participant for December-March 2018/19 round. In the next three months I’ll be working on Git’s project “Turn git add -i into built-in” with Johannes Schindelin as my mentor. I am final year Computer Science student, and this is my first time contributing to open-source. I’ve always loved programming and I’m honored having opportunity to participate in such project. On this blog, I will be publishing posts weekly about my experience. I hope that would benefit future applicants and spread the word about Outreachy.

How I applied to Outreachy

I’ve first heard of Outreachy two years ago from my friend who volunteered from Mozilla. This round was right moment to apply, since I’m almost done with my college.

My motivation

How it went
All neccessary information was on Outreachy site: It says all about projects, deadlines, prerequisites, mentors, communication channels, etc. There I picked my project, found out about Gitter, contacted mentor - everything was pretty straightforward.
And yes, I think that I have the greatest mentor ever - from the beginning, he is more than helpful, answering all questions (and the nooby ones too), patient, calm, and on top of that one of the core Git contributors!
My first contribution was based around client’s request I found on git mailing list. This client wanted to use git stash command without being forced to configure and I do have experience with using git, shell scripts, C, etc, but this is something I worked in some period of time, and I sure needed some recalling. Also, I had to learn how to communicate through mailing list to send patches and replies. I was unsecure at moments, but I figured it all out, and learned a lot along the way!

Should you apply?
Yes of course! I would like to encourage everyone who is hesitant whether to apply or not: go for it! If you are passionate about what you do and eager to learn, don’t be afraid about things you don’t know.